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Yoga Therapeutic Health Series

Look for these classes in the Fall 2019...in the meantime let us know which you would like to participate in!

Yoga for Anxiety

TBA  11:00am-12:30pm  $35.00

Restorative Yoga can be a valuable tool in reprogramming the body's automatic responses to stress, help to reduce anxiety and manage its symptoms.  The postures and breathing techniques in this class are specific to releasing increased tension, aid in relaxing the nervous system, and when done consistently help reduce anxiety.

Yoga for Insomnia

TBA    11:00am-12:30pm   $35.00

Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?  Although, insomnia can be caused by a variety of health issues the root cause of this issue is over-stimulation of the nervous system, caused by STRESS.  This Yoga practice is designed to ground you through the breath first, which relaxes the nervous system and helps to promote a restful body & mind aiding in better sleep.

Yoga for Menopause

TBA    11:00am-12:30pm    $35.00

Restorative Yoga can help women alleviate the symptoms of menopause including;  hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, forgetfulness, and others.  This practice uses specific yoga postures and breathing techniques to calm your nervous system, decrease agitation, and help balance the body systems. 

Yoga for Headaches

TBA    11:00am-12:30pm    $35.00

One of the main sources of headaches is STRESS along with TENSION of the neck and head from sinus pressure, allergic reactions and colds.  When there is tension there is a restriction of blood flow to the brain.  These specific yoga postures help to release that tension and breathing techniques will assist in creating ease for your headache pain.

Please mail payment to:  Ivy's Holistic Arts, 10 S Water St East, Fort Atkinson WI 53538

Don't wait!! 

Due to the nature of these classes and the use of props, class size will be limited.  To hold your space pre-register including payment is best.  Walk ins will ONLY be allowed if space is available.  Please check one day before class for availability for drop in.  Walk in rate will be $40.00.

Sign up for any three or more of either the Therapeutic or Specialty classes and SAVE $5.00 each!!

Contact Ivy for more information:  262-391-1445 or ivymiles@aol.com