Ivy's Holistic Arts 

Yoga * Barre & Pilates * Yoga Therapy * Holistic Health & Wellness 


(Need more flexibility? Drop ins welcome and Class Passes available!)


8:45am  BarrePilates (Fitness Based Class-All Levels) (OM OM)

July 8-Aug 12 (6 wks) $50.00

9:45am  Hatha Yoga w/Restore (Beginner Friendly Yoga-Level 1) (OM)

July 8-Aug 12 (6 wks) $50.00

New for Summer!  11:00am-12:20pm Chair Yoga June 10-July 15 (6 wks)$40.00  and July 22-Aug 11  $27.00        WALK IN WELCOME:  $10.00   LOCATION:  Fort Atkinson Club

5:30pm BarreOne 



July 8-Aug 12 (6 wks) $50.00


6:30pm Yin Restore Yoga (Beginner Friendly) (Om) - This class is taking a break for the summer and will return in the fall!


4:30pm-5:30pm Yoga Basics & Beyond   

July 9-Aug 13 (6 wks) $50.00

New Class!!  5:45pm-6:15pm Meditation & Breath work for Stress Reduction  $10.00 Drop in (Community Class Rate)  July 9-Aug 13 (6 wks) $40.00

6:30pm-7:30pm Solar/Lunar Yoga Flow  

July 9-Aug 13 (6 wks) $50.00


6:30am  Wake up with Whit Yoga Flow (OM OM) (Intermediate/All Levels)

July 10-Aug 14 (6 wks) $50.00

8:30am  Yoga Sport & Spin (Located and part of 2 Rivers Bike Shop in Fort Atkinson - please contact 2 Rivers for registration & session details) Class will resume in September

10:00am-11:00am Adaptive Chair Yoga - Fort Atkinson Senior Center Location (please contact Senior Center for sign up information) (This class fills quickly don't wait to sign up!)

11:30pm-12:15pm  Mid Day Yoga (All Levels) (OM O)

July 10-Aug 14 (no class July 17)

New for Summer!!  4:30pm BarrePump June 12-July 31 (no class July 3) (6 wks) $50.00

New for Summer!!  5:45pm Yoga on the Patio  June 19-July 31 (no class July 3) (6 wks) $50.00 Registration Extended to:   JUNE 13 - Minimum required - Passes can be used for this class.  LOCATION:  Fort Atkinson Club 


8:30am-9:30am Mindful Yoga Flow (All Levels) (OM OM)
July 11-Aug 15 (6 wks) $50.00

9:45am  Deep Restore - Yin Yoga (Beginner Friendly-Level 1) (OM)

July 11-Aug 15 (6 wks) $50.00 

4:45pm  BarrePump (Fitness ) (OM OM)

Back in the Fall!!



:00pm  Lunar Yoga Flow w/Essential Oils  (All levels) (OM OM)

Back in the Fall!


8:00am-9:00am BarreYoga  (Fitness Based


Back in the Fall!

8:00am Farmers Market Yoga June 15-August 10 Karma Community Class (Proceeds go to the "Pink Warrior" Program - assisting others with Holistic Health Services as they go through Breast Cancer treatments)                 Suggested Donation:  $5.00-$15.00         LOCATION:  Riverwalk Park (across from the studio) OR Inclement Weather - Studio - PLEASE bring a Yoga mat.

What's with all the OM's??

OM = Lower intensity class

OM O =  Lower intensity class with more movement

OM OM = Intermediate level of intensity class/movement

OM OM OM = Intermediate/High Level of intensity/movement