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Full Moon Meditation Classes

Meditation, Mudras & Mantras to celebrate the Lunar cycle...

Thursdays 7:15pm-8:00pm  Oct 25, Nov 29 & Dec 20

Fruit Moon:  Smart Preparation 

Fruit Moon reminds us to wrap up any loose ends, dousing us in an energy that encourages preparedness.  It helps guide us to our inner rhythm and focus.

Harvest Moon:  Magic 

Before the world retreats into hibernation, it must pass through the Harvest Moon and if you embraced the wisdom of the Fruit Moon October will be restful & magical, otherwise it's energy may feel heavy.

Frosty Moon:  Soothing & Peaceful

The Frosty Moon brings with it the first whispers of relaxation into our daily lives.  It helps us to slow down and enter a state of reflection, visiting all that we have learned this year.  It brings us peace, helping to release impurities and old though patterns so we can give ourselves up for in-depth sacred healing.

Cold Moon:  Sincere and Honest  

The Cold Moon helps us settle in after the reflection brought to us by the Frosty Moon, turning our focus inward so we can get clear on what we want and who we want to be.  What lights us up?  What sparks our inner passion?  tHE OLD BRITTLE PARTS OF OURSELVES THAT NO LONGER SERVE OUR HIGHER PURPOSE FALL AWAY.