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What is a Crystal Healing Session?  

Often called Crystal Therapy or Crystal Chakra Balancing a Crystal Healing Session is where the client relaxes on an amethyst crystal mat as the crystal healing practitioner places Reiki infused crystals on and around the client according to the needs of the client.  Sound healing with a crystal sound bowl will be used and essential oils may be used (clients can opt out if sensitive to oils).  Holding crystals or placing them on or around your body helps to promote physical, emotional, & spiritual healing as the crystals interact with your own body's energy field.   

Everything around us and inside of us is made of energy.  Our organs, thoughts, feelings, chakras, and emotions are energy.  Well-being is a state where these energies are in balance.  When your energetic systems are out of balance a not-so-good state of being is created resulting in destress in the form of negative thoughts & emotions, stress, anxiety, depression, self-limiting behaviors and even physical ailments & diseases.   

Healing crystal work has been used for thousands of years and it is based on the principles of energy and physics.  Crystals have a clear and specific vibration that can help you tune into your positive energies while re-calibrating your negative vibrations & energies.  Crystals themselves have a subtle energy vibration based on their own molecular blueprint.  When you introduce a crystals energetic vibrational field to your own energy field, your body begins to go through the process of entrainment which means your body will begin to mimic the perfect vibrational quality of the crystal(s) energy field. And, each different crystal has a unique and specific purpose.   
Crystals can be used in many ways such as assisting in meditation, worn as jewelry, placed around your home, to balance the chakra systems and to provide protection from all types of negative energy. 

Crystal Healings objective is to realign your energy frequencies and remove energy blocks from your energy field which assists in healing all kind of issues in life like chronic pain & illnesses, anxiety, various emotional stresses, trauma, and tension.
Benefits of a Healing Session Include (but are not limited to):  Releasing tension & stress, balancing the chakra energy body, removing energy blocks, and creating an overall sense of well-being.  

Contact Ivy (Certified Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner) for more information, questions or to make an appointment:  262-391-1445 or ivymiles@aol.com