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Lunar Flow Yoga - Check back for more dates!!  (OR Join us on Thursdays at 5:45pm to experience a taste of what Lunar Flow is all about!)

The focus of yoga is to balance the energies of the body (Lunar & Solar), but often western yogis gravitate towards fiery, strength building intensity giving emphasize to the Sun Salutations (the ultimate heat builder).  Solar (Masculine) energy is warm, active & outwardly oriented where as Lunar (Feminine) energy is cool, receptive, & inward focused helping to replenish our vital energy.  The Moon can teach us to slow down, to listen to our needs and to be receptive to change.  Lunar Flow Yoga invites you to bow to and cultivate the moon's soothing lunar energy, as well as connect to the nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine through this meditative practice.  When practiced the Lunar Flow is practiced with gratitude & devotion, moving mindfully while maintaining a smooth diaphragmatic breath, allowing you to tune in to and honor the cycles of your life.  If the Divine Lunar force could speak she might remind us "Chill out before you burn out".


Combining a "Glow" of color for our Zen Prana Yoga Practice with a focus on connecting to the inner body and energy systems of the Chakras!  A new experience for the Mind, Body and Soul...

The art of Yoga..........movement, music, breath, and body rhythms.  A yoga class infused with movement of the body and breath through the yoga postures celebrating skill & intuition, strength & fluidity, and vital energy & relaxed being.  Class is sequenced around the function and energy of the pose in a way that allows the student to find their own "current" or "wave" in relation to the movement.  Discover your energetic flow from within as well as being open to the group energy and oneness.  Class will end with deep healing relaxation Meditation using the sounds of vocal chants and Tibetan Bowls attuning all towards powerful energies of transformation.  Please bring a towel, water bottle and yoga mat.  All levels welcome, however, this is not a beginner level class.              


Why Meditation??

              Feeling a little on edge?  Try sharpening your serenity skills with meditation.  Stress is a serious problem.  Clearly, we know how stress makes us feel emotionally.........Stressed!!

But, Stress also manifests itself physically.  It triggers a release of hormones, accelerates the heart rate, tenses muscles, ages the immune system, and heightens a person's vulnerability to a host of illnesses.  We know it is not always possible to make life less hectic, however, expects say the real trick to achieving greater calm and better health is to change how you respond to stress.  Your body's stress response is closely tied to your mental appraisal of a situation.  The answer to that calmer existence is to adjust your appraisal and counter the stress.

Meditation helps to do just that.  It helps you learn to "relax" the mind and clear out the chatter, to stay centered in the moment and to learn to be less reactive.  It will boost the body's resilience to stress, engage the brain's reward center, and to help you to become calmer & happier in general.  The more you practice meditation the easier it gets, the faster your body is able to relax, and as you practice you begin to change the stress patterns in both mind and body. 

The benefits of Meditation includes:  Less stress, Better health, Ability to Relax, Clarity of the Mind, Increased Focus, Enhanced Quality of Sleep, Increased Mental & Physical Energy

Roll, Release and Relax - Mind/Body Special Class

Roll Away the knots and tensions of everyday life!

Body Therapy is a health and fitness based therapy that creates positive long lasting changes in your body.  Tension and tightness in the muscle structure can reduce your ability to move freely causing issues in many areas of the body, and inhibiting you from doing even the simplest of activities.

Rolling and releasing on foam rollers and balls helps to increase your range of motion, decrease pain & tension, and bring ease to your movement.  Many people suffer from old injuries or muscular imbalances, massage rolling can bring back mobility and allow you to do things you thought you would not be able to do again.  Rolling is a self-care practice for body therapy.  It is used to empower you to develop a deeper and more subtle relationship with your body.  It helps to improve the results of any body-oriented practice from Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Physical Therapy, or Fitness training.  Rolling helps you maintain the health of your neuromuscular and skeletal systems.  as your muscles release they elongate, alleviating tightness & tension so your body does not have to work so hard.  Your posture and alignment improves, everything becomes easier, and simple movements become effortless, goving you more energy and stamina!  Almost every structural issue can be improved with Body Therapy exercises.                                                           


Register early when possible - many of the specialty classes and workshops have minimum sign up in order for classes to run.  Refunds will be given only with one week prior notice to practice date and credits will not be given after practice date. 

Questions?  Contact Ivy @ (262) 391-1445 or IvyMiles@aol.com

*The Passes and the Zen Pass does not apply to any of the specialty classes or workshops - they must be registered and paid for separately.  Pre- registration discount is honored only when registration is paid in full.