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Class Descriptions

Body by Ivy - Barre Classes!! Ladies these classes will give you the results you are looking for and more!!

BarreOne (all levels) - One of the Newest Fitness trends out!! A Fun Full Body Workout set to upbeat music creating long lean defined muscles!!  Using the best of Ballet techniques, Yoga and Pilates movement principles this class provides recognizable results!!     Barre classes will define your abdominals, minimize your thighs, tighten your glutes, and tone your arms!!  Muscles are worked to fatigue to provide optimum results....stretching, strengthening and toning the entire body!!Bring a mat and a water bottle.  All level of students welcome - Pilates knowledge helpful but not necessary. 

Barre/Yoga & BarrePump (all levels) - Commit to this class to see some serious definition and a drastic improvement in your overall body strength & Shape!!  An extended version of barre One with more center floor work added and a relaxing yoga stretch at the end of class!! Raising the "Barre" UP a notch to give you a great calorie burning, body defining workout!  And it's FUN too!   Bring a mat & a water bottle.  All levels of students welcome! Pilates knowledge helpful but is not necessary.

BarrePilates (All levels) - A Pilates based class using the fitball, small ball, weighted balls, and other variations of mat exercises.  Lengthen your muscles while strengthening your "powerhouse" (abs, back, & buttocks, & legs).  Barre classes are one of the best for core strengthening while staying low impact and easy on the joints.  It also helps to improve posture and muscular structural imbalances.  Bring a mat.  All level students. 

Increase your Holistic Health with Yoga!!

Release tension, decrease stress, and relax your mind and body in a class that meets you where you are in your Yoga journey!!

Zen Energy Yoga (level 2-2/3) - A flowing style of yoga, synchronizing movement and breath, celebrating skill and intuition, strength & fluidity while discovering your energetic flow from within.  This class creates a balance between power and ease; teaching us to be incredibly strong, steady and relaxed at the same time. The flowing movements allows the mind to explore the "current" or "wave" of energy in relation to the pose and ones internal bodies releasing the rigidity of stress and tension throughout.   Students should have some yoga experience.  Everyone works at their own level and pace.  Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.  The studio will be warm for this class....get ready to sweat!!   (Special Practice - Workshop Class)  

Mindful Lunar Yoga Flow (All levels) -  Attention is paid to building strength & endurance in the body's core muscles, developing better posture, opening & lengthening, and balancing the muscles throughout the body.  Proper breathing and relaxation will still be practiced in this class.  This is not a beginner class, however, everyone will work at their own pace.  All levels of students welcome.  Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle. 

Solar/Lunar Yoga Flow (Intermediate intensity level) - A flowing style of yoga, combining movement with the breath as you transition from one posture to the next.  A strong practice that will get the body heated and transform the mind into stillness.  This class focuses on building strength and endurance, increasing flexibility, and improving balance throughout both mind and body!  A great class for runners or bikers helping to improve training time by creating muscular symmetry.  Some yoga experience preferred.  Bring a yoga mat, water bottle and towel.  The room will be "warm" to assist you in opening the body. 

Slow Flow & Relax Yoga and Hatha Restore Yoga (All levels)- This class focuses on the calming of the nervous system and the art of relaxation, which has tremendous mental and physical benefits.  Poses are taught and experienced slowly to promote vitality and create a state of deep relaxation.  Standing poses and balance are practiced to create strength, endurance and increased flexibility.  Yoga helps to restore and balance the muscular engagement experienced in other activities or classes.  Bring a yoga mat and blanket.   Perfect for all levels of students.

Yin Restore Yoga (All levels - restorative practice) - A class combining gentle rhythmic movements and healing restorative yoga poses.  The result is increased flexibility, balance, improved posture, proper breathing and increased circulation.  The poses are at times held for longer periods as we let gravity do the work.  Often props are used to support and rejuvenate the student.  Ideal for beginners, those recuperating from injuries or students interested in creating space & ease in the body.  Bring a yoga mat.  

Body Therapy * - Body therapy can alleviate stiffness, improve joint mobility, increase flexibility, relieve joint pain, and create space to improve posture & circulation.  We will be using self massage techniques, Thai yoga techniques, and foam rollers and therapy balls to enhance mobility & flexibility in the bones and muscles creating an overall improvement in body alignment and stability.  Bring a mat.  All levels welcome.  (A workshop based class)

Community "Karma" Classes:  Blissful Blend, Meditation, Sun & Moon Sunday -Yoga and Meditation Classes for all levels of students.  All Community "Karma" classes are based on $5.00 donations or whatever speaks to you.  The focus of these classes are to bring the community together in a mindful and positive way.  The funds for these classes help to support the "Pink Warrior" Program which helps Breast Cancer survivors and those going through treatment find healing with yoga, meditation and other holistic modalities.


* Specialty classes may require early sign up and class size may be limited.  Due to equipment limitations some classes may not allow walk-ins.  Please check extended schedule for more details.

Questions?  Call Ivy 262-391-1445 or email IvyMiles@aol.cm