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Quotes Joining Ivy's class has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the seventeen years since I have been retired I thought I was staying in pretty good shape doing water & land aerobics, Pilates, cardio kickboxing and walking the dogs twice a day, however the arthritis in my joints was beginning to flare up causing increasing pain so my instructor suggested I try yoga. On my seventy fifth birthday I gave myself the gift of yoga with Ivy. Never having done yoga I thought it would be a cinch, what could be hard when you are lying on a mat, was I ever wrong. The first few classes I would lie on my mat with tears of frustration at what my body could NOT do, thinking that I would never be able to do the poses. Then I discovered the "Ivy Magic"; she encouraged me, praised my progress and would gently move me into a pose. Now, two years later I walk taller, breathe deeper and have very little pain. The only tears I might have are tears of gratitude to Ivy for believing in me. Quotes
Ivy Magic

Quotes From a size 10 to a size 2 with Yoga, Pilates and Ivy's Clean Eating program!! You can do it too!! Quotes
Yoga/Pilates Student

Quotes I am a 50-something dog sport lover who enjoys running agility with my two Standard Poodles. A back injury laid me up and clearly I needed to get in better shape to continue doing what I love. Ivy worked with me, building on what my chiropractor had recommended to strengthen my back and core. Her gentle assistance with my food choices, stress management and individualized exercise plan has not only made it easier for me to keep up with the dogs, but helped me reach my goal weight. Thanks to Ivy's coaching I look better than I did 20 years ago! Quotes
Satisfied Client

Quotes I had hired Ivy as my health coach for a month to help "whip" me into shape before my last vacation. The nutritional information that I have learned from her is invaluable. She has shown me a whole new way to eat in order to get the best nutrients for my body in order to fuel my workouts. She understands how busy people are and will create a program specificially taylored to your needs, abilities and time constraints. I also love Ivy's classes, they are challening and fun. She has introduced me to Yoga and Pilates. I love that in yoga class she walks around and makes sure that our form is correct. She is a very hands on instructor. She always has her students best interests at heart. Our community is truly lucky to have someone so knowledgeable and caring to help us stay in shape! Quotes
Carrie Partoll
Cardio/Yoga/Healthy Living Student

Quotes Ivy helped me when I was frustrated about the scale and my medical condition that were not improving by myself. After six weeks everything has improved even to my doctor's surprise. Ivy has educated me towards living a healthier life style. Pilates classes help to strentgh my core. LaDonia Kyle Quotes
LaDonia Kyle
Improved Health

Quotes Ivy has been a life-saver for me. I knew I needed to exercise but how? Ivy provides all the motivation, direction, and guidance. I bring 110% to every class, and Ivy never disappoints me. Every class is different, I am never bored. I look forward to attending her class and working out. In the past year, Ivy has helped me transform my body into a strong, lean body and for that I am very appreciative. Quotes
Jacquie Sedmak
Cardio Student

Quotes I've enjoyed pilates and yoga classes throughout the country, including luxury resort/spas........ all I can say is that they've got nothing on Ivy's classes!!! She is a phenomenal teacher; always keeping her classes fresh and new. We are so lucky to have her in Whitewater!!!!!!! Quotes
Linda McCabe
Pilates Enthusiast

Quotes Ivy's yoga classes have allowed me to transition from the mindset of yoga as a challenging exercise program to the mindset of yoga as a wonderful way to release stress and become more grounded and calm. This path varies greatly from person to person, and I was allowed to travel it at my own pace. As a result, how I handle life's challenges has changed. I am less reactive and less stressed. More accepting and more kind. Ivy has a wonderful style and is very valuable to our community! Quotes
Carrie Garity
Yoga Student/Teacher

Quotes Aware of Ivy's extensive knowledge of anatomy and knowing her as a highly skilled yoga instructor, I decided to try her Thai Yoga Bodywork. The massage itself was pure bliss, far exceeding my expectations. Ivy took my understanding of the body to a higher level by describing specific anatomical needs while practicing the bodywork. In addition, she provided great suggestions regarding stretches designed to lessen pain and stiffness due to arthritis. Ivy is a master teacher with a genuine interest in helping her students. I am delighted she is now a practicing bodyworker. Quotes
Carla Moorman
Yoga & Pilates Student

Quotes Being challenged in fitness is something I always look for in my workouts. Ivy's classes never fail to deliver just that challenge. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your fitness, Ivy's classes meet the needs of all. I have never walked away from a class disappointed ...rather the classes and Ivy make me motivated to do more! I have taken Ivy's classes for many years and I continue to find myself dedicated to lifelong fitness and health thanks to the motivation I receive from a knowledgeable and dedicated instructor.....and classes that never fail to meet my needs! Quotes
Mary Kilar
Cardio Student